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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions

1Is there a required minimum night’s stay?

As a suggestion minimum of 2 nights.

2 What does the Classic Package/Tour include?

Economy Class train tickets, lodging, transfers, and most meals.

3Does it include transfers?

Classic Packages tours/itineraries posted on our website include transfers station/hotel/station.

4What if I only need train tickets?

Then you must contact train station and purchase directly through them.

5What hotels do you operate?

We stay at 5 hotels in our Balderrama Collection chain
• Hotel Santa Anita in Los Mochis.
• Hotel Posada del Hidalgo in El Fuerte.
• Mission Hotel in the Cerocahui Valley.
• Hotel Barrancas del Cobre in Barrancas del Cobre.
• Hotel Mirador on the rim of the Copper Canyon.
We also manage agreement with hotels in Creel and Chihuahua.

6What category are the hotels?

4 and 5 stars.

7Are pets allowed in hotels?

At Balderrama Hotel Collection, small breed pets are accepted.

8What are the Check In and Check Out times for hotels?

Check In 15:00 hrs.
Check Out 12:00 hrs.

9Where are the hotels located?

Dirección: Av. Gral. Gabriel Leyva s/n, Centro, 81200 Los Mochis, Sin.
Phone: 668 816 7046

Address: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 101, Historic Center, 81820 El Fuerte, Sin.
Phone: 668 812 1613

Daddress :DOMICILIO KNOWN S/N, Center, 33421 Cerocahui, Chih.
Phone: 635 456 5294

Located on the edge of the Copper Canyon.
Address: EST CHEPE Km 622, Barranca del Cobre Estación Posada Barrancas, Chihuahua, 33421, Mexico
Phone 635 5783010

10What days does the Chepe Express train depart? What are your schedules?

The train has 2 departures per week in low season and 3 in high season.

• Monday, Wednesday (high season only) and Friday: departure from Los Mochis 08:00 arriving in Creel at 17:40.
• Tuesday, Thursday (high season only) and Sunday: exit of Creel 8:00 arriving at Los Mochis at 17:40.

11Are pets allowed to travel aboard the train?

It is only allowed to travel with assistance dogs and it is necessary to send the documentation, in order to be granted special permission. You can't get on the train if you don't have that permit.

12How long does the Chepe Express train travel?

The tour from Los Mochis Sinaloa to Creel Chihuahua takes approximately 9 hours with 40 minutes.

• Los Mochis – El Fuerte: 2:05hrs
• El Fuerte – Bahuichivo: 4:10hrs
• Bahuichivo – Divisadero: 1:30hrs
• Divisadero - Creel: 1:55 hrs
*These are approximate times.

13What are the train departures?

The train has 2 departures per week in low season and 3 in high season.

• Monday, Wednesday (high season only) and Friday: departure from Los Mochis 08:00 arriving in Creel at 17:40.
• Tuesday, Thursday (high season only) and Sunday: exit of Creel 8:00 arriving at Los Mochis at 17:40.

14 What identification documents do I need to board the train?

It is necessary to present any official identification (IFE/INE, passport, etc.) with photograph, in case not having any official identification can be any other that has your photograph included.
It is important that your ticket bears your name, in case you show up with a ticket other than the name on your ID, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BOARD THE TRAIN.

15 What are the train categories? What does each include?

First Class: Includes First Class seat, an onboard food (breakfast or lunch or dinner) and a snack, non-alcoholic beverages (during the selected meal option), plus exclusive access to the terrace.

Business Class: Includes business class seat, access to the ground floor of the restaurant and bar (a la carte menu).

Tourist Class: Includes economy class seat and access to the exclusive restaurant for first class, menu of snacks and drinks on board.

16 Can you bring food? What foods does my ticket include?

Outside food is not allowed. A restaurant-dining room and snacks service available for purchase.

• First Class: Includes one meal aboard. (breakfast or lunch) and a snack, drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

♦ Lunch: Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
Los Mochis to Bahuichivo / Divisadero / Creel
El Fuerte / Bahuichivo / Divisadero / Creel
Bahuichivo to Creel
♦ Breakfast: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Creel to Bahuichivo / El Fuerte / Los Mochis
Divisadero to El Fuerte / Los Mochis
Bahuichivo to El Fuerte / Los Mochis
♦ Snacks: On all journeys
Quail with ham and cheese

• Business Class: If you purchase business class your ticket does NOT include food, however you have access to the ground floor of the Urike restaurant to order a la carte as well as the menu of snacks and drinks on board.

• Economy Class: If you buy economy class your ticket does NOT include food, however you have access to the dining room exclusive to the economy class, as well as the menu of snacks and drinks on board.

17 Can I get off at all stations?

If you purchased your trip from Los Mochis to Creel or vice versa, you can get off at 3 different stations at no additional cost and take the train another day to your next destination, as long as it is booked in advance and comes described on your ticket. In the stations you decide to go down you would have to stay at least two nights, it is very important to check the days of departure.

18 What stations do you recommend to get off?

All destinations have their charm, depending on whether you are looking for your trip and the number of nights available, we suggest you see the tour packages section to learn about the various activities. (Recommended stations: Los Mochis, El Fuerte, Bahuichivo and Divisadero)

19 How long could the trip last?

The duration of the trip you decide. You have the option to make stopovers at the train station mentioned to learn more about the area. Each stop has lodging options and you can choose according to your interest.

20 How do I book a package tour?

Click Here to Book Now
Phones: 888 975 3410 or 520 685 3238
Whatsapp: 520 266 4432

21 Methods of payment?

We accept all major credit card payments
• Bank deposit.
• Transfers.
• Cash.

22 How much time do I have to book?

During high season we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance to secure train ticket and lodging.

23 What type of clothing is appropriate?

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Layering work best.

24 How long do you have to be at the station before boarding?

It is necessary to show up at the station at least 1 hour in advance.

25 Does the train have sleepers?

The Chepe Express does not have a sleeping area. The seats are reclining and comfortable, however it is not a train with sleepers.

26 Do children pay for a train ticket?

Under 2 years do not pay. Over 3 years must purchase train ticket.

27 What age are considered minors?

From 3 to 11 years old. Over 12 years old is considered as an adult.

28 Do you accept credit card on board the train?

Due to the remote of the area there is no internet on board which makes credit card transactions difficult, so only cash is accepted for on-board consumption.

29 What is the baggage allowed on board the train?

A suitcase of 25 kg per person and a carry-on bag.
It is not allowed to ride motorcycles or bicycles.
There is no charge for extra baggage, in case you will be presented with excess baggage you will not be able to board the train with it.

30 Where's my luggage going?

First and Business class travel, there is a car designated to store suitcases. At the entrance of each car there is a small trunk in which you can leave your carry-on luggage if you require it. If you travel in Tourist each car has a trunk area.

31 Do you have wifi on board the train?

There is no wifi, because of the nature of the area and through the tunnels there is no connectivity in much of the route.

32 Can I leave my vehicle at the train station?

It is not recommended. The company is not responsible for vehicles left at the train stations as it does not have a particular place for this purpose.

33 Are there ATMs in the destinations?

ATMs are limited. Only available in Los Mochis, El Fuerte and Creel.
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